English Name L-Arabinose
Formula C5H10O5
Molecular Weight 150.13
CAS Registry Number 5328-37-0
Melting Point 154- 160°C
Characters White crystalline powder, taste sweet, 50% of sucrose sweetness, high stable against acid and heat.
Specific Rotation Mutarotation, +102.0~105.0⁰ (C=5, H2O)

L-Arabinose is white crystalline powder. It’s odorless and sweet.


1、Inhibit the absorption and metabolism of sucrose

The addition of 3-5% L-Arabinose can inhibit the absorption of 60-70% sucrose. At the same time, it prevents the increasement of blood sugar by around 50%.

2、Prevent the increasement of blood sugar and fat accumulation

As a low-carlorie sweetener, L-Arabinose can prohibit the increasement of blood sugar caused by the intake of sucrose. Thus it can inhibit the obesity and prevent the disease relating to high blood sugar.

3、Promote the growth of bifidobacteria and prevent constipation

The addition of 5% L-Arabinose in the sugar can promote the growth of bifidobateria effectively.


Food and healthcare products: Diabetic food, Weight Management product, Healthy & functional food, sugar additive;

Pharmaceutical: to be used as pharmaceutical intermediate and excipient;

Other: Raw material for the synthesis of fine chemicals (essence and fragrance) as well as pharmaceutical intermediate.