D-Xylose is a also called wood sugar as it’s firstly isolated from wood. It is a reducing sugar. It’s white crystalline powder, very soluble in water.
Molecular weight 150.14
Molecular formula C5H10O5
CAS No. 58-86-6

D-Xylose is a natural 5·carbon sugar(pentose) .It’s white crystalline powder, very soluble in water. Our company mainly produces food grade D-Xylose.


1、Sweetness and flavor

The sweetness of xylose is about 72% that of cane sugar similar to glucose. D-Xylose Can improve the flavor and taste of sweets and inhibit peculiar smell.     

2、Do not be digested and absorbed by hunman body

D-Xylose will not be digested and absorbed by hunman body, so D-Xylose as a no caloric sweeteners,   don’t increase blood sugar value and have good tolerance , eat more D-Xylose will not bring abdominal distension and diarrhea. Not utilized by oral microbes, and has part of similar function as dietary fiber. reduce serum cholesterol and prevent colon cancer and so on.

3、Good compatibility

D-Xylose has good compatibility. Add D-Xylose in any proportion in food. Heat with amino acid will induce maillard reaction and enhance flavoured effects.

4、Health care function

D-Xylose can activate and promote bifidobacteria which is beneficial bacterium for human health. Consumption of xylose can improve human micro-ecological environment and improve immune ability


D-Xylose is a kind of reducing sugar, it can be used to produce xylitol by hydrogenation action under catalyst.It also can produce glycoside and hydroxy acid to replace glycerin substitutes and organic acids.


  1. Good and healthy sweetener without calorie in food and beverage which is suitable for obesity and diabetes.

  2. Flavor modifier in the meat processing and thermal processing of cereal products.

  3. Produce raw materials for meat flavor

  4. Synthesise caramel pigment which was be used as colorant and high·grade soy sauce color in food and beverage.

  5. produce food antioxidant

  6. produce edible organic acids