Xylitol is an organic compound of polyols which is produced naturally in our body.
The sweetest equal to sucrose.

Four key character:
No fermentation: Xylitol is an-ti-cariogenic because xylitol can’t be ulilized by buccal cariogenic bacteria to produce organic acids, thus prevent dental caries.
    Soluble easily: Asorb more quantity of heat in process of solution, so give a pleasant cool and fresh sensation

    Chemical stability: Xylitol has a nature of high heat-resistance, it is passive to acid and alkali, and it will not react on amino acid and protein

    Stabilize blood glucose level: The metabolism of xylitol in human body does not invovle insulin and will not cause blood glucose levels to rise.


    Food: Xylitol can be used as low calorie functional sweeteners in chewing gum, candy, beverage, dairy and bake food.
    Medical industry: Xylitol can be used as energy material in injection for not increasing blood sugar and in drugs and cough syrup for protecting liver.

     Daily chemical: Xylitol can be used in various skin care products and toothpastes for the moisture retention.
     Other industries: Xylitol can be used in plastics industry, defense industry, paint coatings industry, leather industry, battery industry and surface activity industry for the polyhydroxy character.

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