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Shandong Longlive Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2001. It is a biomass comprehensive utilization enterprise by using modern biotechnology to produce functional sugar, new energy and new material products. Based on the field of "health, low-carbon and environmental protection", Longlive mainly uses agricultural waste corn cob as raw material, and carries out full transformation and appreciation of its three major components, hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, and then become a green and circular economic complex covering three national strategic emerging industries: nutrition and health (xylo-oligosaccharide, xylitol, arabinose and other functional sugar and prebiotic products), new energy (fiber fuel ethanol), and new materials (enzymolysis lignin).

Longlive owns strong research and innovation platform, excellent quality control and standard construction system, which is a national high-tech enterprise, sets up high levels of scientific research platforms like national-level enterprise technology center, national function sugar research center, academician workstation. Longlive won three times “The Second-Class Prize of National Technological Innovation”, two times “The Second-Class Price of National Scientific and Technological Progress”, which is the only enterprise won five national science and technology awards. The company has more than 60 invention patents with independent intellectual property rights, and undertakes more than 20 subjects such as the National Science and Technology Research Program, the National Torch Program and the National "863 Program".

Longlive spent many years in deep processing industry in agricultural waste and integrated development of "corn plants circular economy industrial chain", which is in line with national industry guide. This company’s orientation makes the agricultural processing industry waste transverse, longitudinal extension, and was selected into “The Second Batch of Comprehensive Utilization of The By-products from Processing of Agricultural Products and Typical Patterns” of Ministry of Agriculture China; it is in line with the national sustainable development. Longlive layout of functional sugar and second-generation fiber ethanol industry, opens up the first industrial production of xylo-oligosaccharide and fiber ethanol in China, which is the main drafting unit of the national standard of xylo-oligosaccharide, has obtained the international certifications of FDA, European Union novel food and other international certifications, leading the Non-AGP and comprehensive replacement of medicated feed additives. At the same time, Longlive is the first fixed-point enterprise of second-generation cellulosic fuel ethanol in China.

Longlive's three industrial advantages complemented, coordinated development, built a distinctive characteristic of low carbon, environmental protection, green circular economy development model, realize the value chain comprehensive appreciation, which has important demonstration value in protecting national food security, optimizing energy structure, reducing pollutant emission and increasing farmers' income. Longlive is a private science and technology enterprise with its own core technologies, core products with a dominant market position and influence in the industrial chain.

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