Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd was founded in June 2001. It is a biomass utilization enterprise which has used the corn cob, corn as raw materials to produce functional sugar, starch and starch sugar products by the modern bio-engineering technology, and recycling the corn cob residue generated in the production of functional sugar to prepare the second generation fuels ethanol and lignin etc polymer new materials. The company’s principal businesses are bio-industry, new energy industry and new materials industry which covered the three major national strategic emerging industries.

Build the whole process quality control system from farmland to table
Source Control
Establish food safety risk assessment system
Optimize the acceptance standards of raw materials and auxiliary materials required by the company
Strengthen suppliers management of raw materials and auxiliary materials, Establish supplier behavior performance quantified indicators

Production Safety
Through ISO series of international management quality system certification, using a full set of DCS automation centralized control management.

Wisdom Logistics
Using GPS supervision system, the whole process to grasp the logistics dynamics, to ensure that the products are delivered to customers safely and quickly in the first time.
Quality Tracking
Establish quality management modes such as food safety risk assessment system and quality traceability system, and form a standard quality management system with the general manager as the person in charge.

Serve Clients

The company provides customers with product application technology solutions integrating customer research, program setting, test verification and program modification, and establishes a one-to-one technical support service system to achieve win-win development with customers.